VTB Arena – Central stadium «Dynamo» combines two facilities under one roof: small and big sports arenas; and, in addition, «Dynamo» Society Museum, leisure and entertainment complex, and underground parking. Total capacity of the stadium is over 26,000 seats during the football matches and 33,000 places during concerts. The number of seats at the universal VTB Arena varies from 7,000 to 14,000, depending on a configuration – hockey, basketball or concert.

At the Central stadium "Dynamo" there are 26 VIP lounges with seat occupancy of 13-20 places and one VIP box with seat occupancy of 102 places.

VTB Arena, the small arena, has 3 different use configurations: hockey, basketball and concerts. At the same time, the change of one configuration to another is performed in a few hours. The small sports arena has 44 VIP boxes for 13-20 seats and one VIP box for 60 places.
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