Avito — one of the most popular websites of announcements in Russia, the largest online platform of selling goods and services.

Project objective: working in the tight budget to update and optimize the old office on one of business center floors keeping old furniture and objects of decor. In addition, to stylistically connect it with two earlier issued company’s office floors in the same building.

Authors of the project have increased quantity of workplaces. At the same time, they have kept already existing departments. New meeting rooms with built-in panels and transformable glass walls, relaxation and sports areas, open kitchens and open dressing rooms were introduced into this space.

The Avito company office occupies four floors, where every floor is designed in a certain stylistic concept.

For the walls in the reception area of one of the offices wooden slats were produced and mounted. When decorating the meeting room, wooden slats were used of veneer of valuable species. Around the main space there are a lot of cozy, soft, informal and private areas.

Special spaces for informal communication and brainstorming were created in the office, as well as places for relaxation and solitude.

The legendary capsular burrows are made of soft elements, where people can relax or work privately while lying down. Lifebuoy bench and boat benches are made of different types of fabric. Designs were developed and attached.
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